Waiting for the Gods – Soundtrack


Waiting for the Gods is an experimental docufiction written and directed by Natalie Welsh and Alessandro Bertelle, and produced by Fabrica.

Nestled in the Swiss mountains lies Jungfrau Park, the monumental embodiment of Erich von Däniken’s Ancient Alien Theory. Däniken is the controversial author of 55 books that question the history of mankind and the influence of extra-terrestrials on the world’s ancient mysteries. Although Däniken’s enigmatic character lends itself to criticism easily his theories have gained worldwide recognition. The park visualises an alternative history that asks its visitors, what do they really believe in.

The soundtrack of the short documentary is made by me and Giacomo Mazzucato in a collaborative process, we used custom built sound inspired by the sci-fi soundtrack history and also we used sample from the NASA soundcloud.



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