Davide Cairo (°Italy 1987) is an audiovisual musician under the name “edisonnoside“, sound designer, music composer and Lecturer. His work is focused on electronic music production and audiovisual installations beside music and sound design for Interactive Installations, Virtual Reality, Games, Film, Documentary and Commercials.

He’s a graduate in Computer Science applied to music at the University of Milan and has a Master Degree in Music Production and Mixing at Garnish School of sound in London.In 2012 he’s been awarded with the research scholarship at Fabrica the communication research centre part of the Benetton Group where he worked as a Composer and Sound Designer.

His works have won Shift’s DOTMOV Festival, the Veneto Award at the Lago Film Fest, the 3rd place at the Visual Music Award  and Best Interaction Design – Core77 Design Award.

His Audiovisual projects have been screened internationally at the 70th Venice Film Festival (Italy), FILE Festival (Brazil), Moscow’s Museum Night (Russia), and many other venues in Switzerland, Australia, Italy, USA, Belgium, UK, Japan. Performance Presentations include Sonar D+ (Barcelona), Plum Festival (Moscow), Mapping Festival (Geneve), Node13(Frunkfurt) among others.

He’s based between London and Venice working on new projects for his studio : Crossfade, and he’s also Sound Designer ad Music Consultant for  Cove by Humane Engineering

You can check his current selected portfolio here


hello@davidecairo.com davide@crossfade.it

UK : +44 07848066827

IT : +39 3248014487


Selected Pubblications

Interview on Soundwall   Cove on RedBull Music    80UA on TheCreatorsProject.com   80UA on RollinStone.com   80UA on The Verge   Sadly By Your Side on Wired.com   Imposition featured on CreativeApplications.net   Imposition on The Creators Project   Vanish on Vice.com   Vanish on Rolling Stone   Interview on POSTmatter   Interview on Noisey about Sadly By your Side   Sadly By Your Side on Vogue   Protein about Sadly by your side   Sadly By your Side on Gizmodo   Interview on Noisey UK   Sadly by your side on Core77   Sadly By Your Side on artnau.com   Interview on Pizza digitale   Imposition on LIP   Vanish on The Creators Project  Sadly By Your Side on Wired.it



Core77 Design Award – Best Interaction Design, June 2014, Sadly By Your Side (/w Angelo Semeraro)

Veneto Award, Lago Film Fest, July 2013 – ‘VANISH’ (/w Daniel Schwarz)

Winner of Shift’s DOTMOV Festival 2012, November 2012 – ‘VANISH’, selected by KentaTorimoto (/w Daniel Schwarz)

3rd place at the Visual Music Award , November 2012 – ‘VANISH’ (/w Daniel Schwarz)

Selected Exhibitions / Screenings 

Art+Music @ Mobile World Centre, Barcellona, Spain, 21 october – 13 December 2014 – “SADLY BY YOUR SIDE”
Tech Open Air, Berlin, Germany July 2014 – ‘SWAY’
Sónar Festival, Barcelona, June 2014 – ‘SWAY’
Playful Inter-action, MAXXI, Rome, November 2013
70th Venice Film Festival, Venice, Italy, September 5 2013 – ‘VANISH’
FILE – Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil, July – August 2013 – ‘VANISH’
Lago Film Fest, Revine Lago, Italy, 19 – 27 July 2013 – ‘VANISH’
SCREEN Festival / LOOP, Barcelona, Spain, May 2013 –  ‘VANISH’
Toolkit Festival, Venice, Italy, May 2013 – ‘VANISH
VGA Fest (DOTMOV Festival), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 2013 – ‘VANISH’
Spektrum Ausstellung, Stadtgalerie Mannheim, Germany, February – March 2013 – ‘VANISH’
DOS Disegnare Oggetti Sonori, Auditorium Parco della Musica, Rome, Italy, February 2013 – ‘VANISH’
TechArtLab (DOTMOV Festival), Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, February 2013 –  ‘VANISH’
Grauzone Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands, February 2013 – ‘VANISH’
Federation Square (DOTMOV Festival), Melbourne, Australia, January 2013 –  ‘VANISH’
konya-gallery (DOTMOV Festival), Fukuoka, Japan, January 2013 – ‘VANISH’
VAFA Video Art Festival, Macau, December 2012 – January 2013 – ‘VANISH’
Norbertellen Gallery (DOTMOV Festival), Los Angeles, USA, December 2012 – January 2013 –  ‘VANISH’
CCC (DOTMOV Festival), Shizuoka, Japan, December 2012 – ‘VANISH’
Revenue S:t Eriksgatan 79 (DOTMOV Festival), Stockholm, Sweden, December 2012 –  ‘VANISH
Zakka (DOTMOV Festival), New York, USA, November – December 2012 –  ‘VANISH’
CAI02 (DOTMOV Festival), Sapporo, Japan, November – December 2012 – ‘VANISH’
Celebrating Openness (DOTMOV Festival), Wisnu Open Space, Bali, Indonesia, December 2012 – ‘VANISH’
Off the Screen [Media Circus] CultureHub, New York, USA, November 2012 –
‘VANISH’ Visual Music Award, Frankfurt, Germany, November 2012 – ‘VANISH’
ICN Gallery Cafe (DOTMOV Festival), London, UK, November 2012 –  ‘VANISH’
TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS (DOTMOV Festival), Tokyo, Japan, November 2012 – ‘VANISH’
ATTIC (DOTMOV Festival), Sapporo, Japan, November 2012 –  ‘VANISH’
Design Weekend 2012 (DOTMOV Festival), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 2012 –  ‘VANISH’
Aesthetica Short Film Festival, York, UK, November 2012 – ‘VANISH’
Pluto Festival, Opwijk, Belgium, October 2012 –  ‘VANISH’
roBOt Festival, Bologna, Italy, October 2012 – ‘VANISH’
SIMULTAN Festival, Timisoara, Romania, October 2012 – ‘VANISH’
Festival International du Court Métrage- L’Hybride, Lille, France, October 2012 –  ‘VANISH’


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